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YHTEYS – communities collaborating and learning together (2013 – 2014) is a project organized by the University of Lapland. The project aims for co-operation and interaction between folk education centres, libraries and the University of Lapland.

The YHTEYS project operates on two levels. Firstly, the idea is to create active national and local networks and to share information between partners. Dialogue will be developed in the form of meetings, and both face to face and virtual seminars. Secondly, YHTEYS aims to act directly on the grass roots of active citizenship: special storytelling events and citizen jury meetings will be planned and organized in co-operation with the partners.

The YHTEYS-juries are one way to increase deliberative democracy and active citizenship in open learning environments. The themes of the juries will be based on locally significant questions. Additionally, national dialogue between juries of different areas will be created. ‘Story-huts’ are events where participants’ storytelling skills will be developed and practiced. The aim is to support individuals’ skills of lifelong learning and information inquiry. During storytelling meetings different generations will encounter and interact.

The YHTEYS project lasts two years and it is part of a larger national development program “Fostering active citizenship through open learning environments”. The project is financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The project is coordinated by the Faculty of Education of the University of Lapland and it is supervised by associate professor Sari Poikela. The national partners of the project are the The Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres (KoL) and the Finnish Library Association. The regional partners are the folk education centres Rovala, Posio, Valkeakoski and Ahjola and the libraries of Rovaniemi, Posio, Valkeakoski and Sompio.

For further information, please contact project coordinator Leila Rautio.

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